August 13 Plymouth

Greetings Coyote Run Farm customers,

We will be at Plymouth Church on Wednesday, August 13 between 4:45 and 6:15.  We will NOT be at Kitchen Collage on Friday.  We WILL be at the Downtown Farmers’ Market on Saturday August 16.

Here is our schedule for August:
Plymouth Church every Wednesday night.
Downtown Farmers Market—August 16
Kitchen Collage—August 22 and 29

Tonight’s e-mail is also posted on our blog page:

On a personal note, Matt’s brother Todd, Kathy’s husband, had a stroke last Monday.  He is expected to make a great recovery but it will be a long road.  You are still welcome to contact Kathy for ordering grain finished beef, but the only thing available this week is ground beef.  We’ll give you a heads up when we will have more cuts on Wednesday nights at Plymouth.

Please reply to this e-mail to reserve an order for Wednesday.  All of our foods are on a first come basis.  We will send a confirmation e-mail to let you know if we are able to deliver your order.

GRASS FINISHED BEEF—see price list below.  5% discount on $100-$199 order and 10% discount on $200 or more.  For discount your order needs to be picked up all on the same date.

GRAIN FINISHED BEEF—Please e-mail Matt’s sister-in-law Kathy at if you’d like to place an order.  She’ll confirm with a reply e-mail.  For now just ground beef, but orders for other cuts will continue at a later date.

EGGS—$5 dozen


BASIL–$4 bag

PARSLEY Italian Flat Leaf–$3 bunch

GARLIC—We’ll have all three varieties.  Soft neck Enchilian Red $1.50 (four for $5).  Stiff neck Spanish Roja $1.50 (4 for $5).  Stiff neck German Extra Hardy $2 (3 for $5).

ONIONS– $1 each (5 for $4) and $.50 each for smaller onions.  Yellow or Red.  Please specify.

PURSLANE–$4 bunch

NEW POTATOES—Mixed varieties $2.50 lb

The website for Plymouth Church is
The website for Kitchen Collage is
The website for the Downtown Farmers Market is

If you’d no longer like to receive e-mails, please let us know and we’ll remove you from our list.  You are welcome to pass this information on to others who might be interested in buying food from Coyote Run Farm.

Thanks for supporting our farm.

Matt Russell and Patrick Standley
Coyote Run Farm
1841 20th PL
Lacona, IA 50139

DIRECTIONS for Wednesday night pick up at Plymouth United Church of Christ: the church is located at 4126 Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines.  We will be in the atrium entrance on the East side of the church.  This is the upper level of the parking garage.  To reach us you must enter from 42nd Street just south of Plymouth Church and just north of the Catholic Church.  Continue past the first entrance to the church on the south side of the building and then merge left to go on top of the parking garage.  There is plenty of parking.  We are there between 4:45 and 6:15 PM.  If you have any troubles, please call Pat on his cell phone: 515-689-8216.

5% discount on an order of $100-$199
10% discount on an order of $200 or more

Cuts             Price/lb
Ground beef         $6.75

Bone in         $6.75
Chuck, Soup bones, or Rump

Boneless         $7.75
Heel, Sirloin tip, or Bread & Butter

Stew Meat         $7.75
Short Ribs         $6.50
Brisket        $7.75
Organ meat         $4
Liver, Heart, Tongue

Bones with meat     $4.75
Oxtail, Neck Bones, Knuckles

Bones—no meat     $2.75

Minute         $7.75
Round             $7.75
Top Sirloin         $11.75
New York strip     $14.25
Tenderloin fillet    $19

Grain finished beef
Ground beef

Bone in
(Chuck Roast or Soup Bones)

Rump Roasts

Heel Roasts

Bread N Butter

Sirloin tip Roast





Top Sirloin

New York steaks


$ 3.00