Coyote Run Farm offers grass finished beef from a herd that has been owned and managed by Matt’s family for over 40 years. The cross-bred cows have an Angus base and calves are not treated with artificial hormones. Grass finished beef are grazed at Coyote Run Farm. We use the word finish rather than fed because we are taking the animals to a “finished” degree of fat cover. We hand select our calves and time our slaughter to guarantee all of our beef are at their peak of tenderness and flavor when they are butchered.

All of our beef are processed as an individual animal. For example, there is exactly one animal involved in any package of ground beef. Unless you choose some further processing with seasoning, there is nothing added to our beef. At Coyote Run Farm, you will never purchase trimmings from multiple animals or any of a number of additives commonly used in most beef purchased through conventional retail outlets.

For Grass finished beef, meat can be purchased by the piece or in a quarter or half share. Grass finished beef are only harvested at the peak of cool season grasses in late May and late October.  You can find pricing and more detailed information here.

Grain finished beef fattened on corn can be purchased by the piece or in shares of the whole animal from Matt’s family. Grain finished beef are harvested May through December by Todd and Kathy Russell.  Contact Kathy for more details on grain finished beef:

Please e-mail us with any questions!