Grass Finished Beef Pricing Information

We offer quarter shares and half shares of GRASS finished beef.  We also offer a bundle of beef of $200 or more at a 15% discount if ordered before the butchering date and picked up within three weeks of the day the beef is ready.  Our beef will hang for two weeks and then it will be cut and wrapped.  We butcher in late May and late October.

If you order a share, you are getting a proportion of the entire beef.  You pay for the beef by the weight of the carcass.  This is the weight of the two full sides minus the hide, hooves, head, etc.  If you order a quarter, you’ll pay for 1/4 of the total carcass weight.  You’ll work with the locker to have them process your portion to your specifications.  In this process fat and bone are removed until you have your final wrapped packages.  Your total weight will depend on how much bone you take home in your wrapped packages.  Your cost for processing will vary a little bit depending on what you have done.  You can pick up your beef at Plymouth Church in Des Moines on a pre-arranged Wednesday night at no additional charge.

For bundles, you simply tell us how many pounds of each cut you’d like.  We’ll try and get as close as we can to your order.  Please realize that packages vary greatly.  For example a ribeye steak could be anywhere from just short of half a pound to over three quarters of a pound.  We’ll put that order together and have it for you to pick up at Plymouth Church.

All of our pricing estimates include the cost of the processing.  Here’s how the pricing gets broken down.

Estimated weight of carcass—890 lbs X $2.85 per pound = $2536.50 for buying the beef from us

Estimated cost of the average processing—890 lbs X $.75 = $667.50 for the processing

Total estimated cost for a whole beef is $3204 (quarter = $801, half = $1602)

You can expect between 50% and 60% of the carcass weight will end up wrapped up in packages for you to put in your freezer.  Your yield can vary greatly depending on how you have your beef cut.  The fewer bones in your packages, the lower your yield as a percentage of the carcass weight.


5% discount on an order of $100-$199—anytime until we’re sold out

10% discount on an order of $200 or more—anytime until we’re sold out

Cuts                             Price/lb
Ground beef                $6.75

Minute                        $7.75
Round                         $7.75
Top Sirloin                 $11.75
Ribeye                         $14.25
New York strip           $14.25
Tenderloin fillet         $19

Bone in                       $6.75
Chuck, Soup bones, or Rump

Boneless                     $7.75
Rump, Heel, Sirloin tip, Round, or Bread & Butter

Tenderloin                  $19

Stew Meat                   $7.75
Short Ribs                   $6.50
Brisket                        $7.75

Organ meat                 $4
Liver, Heart, Tongue

Bones with meat         $4.75
Oxtail, Neck Bones, Knuckles

Bones—no meat         $2.75