Heirloom Tomato Plants, Peppers, Basil, Parsley, and Egg Plant

This is the list of chemical free, mostly heirloom plants we will offer at the Downtown Farmers Market on May 2nd, 9th, and 16th. Please send us an email if you’d like to place an order for picking up at the farmers market.  You can also place an order to be picked up at Plymouth Church at 42nd and Ingersoll in Des Moines on Wednesdays between 4:45 and 6:15 starting April 28.

All plants are $4 each in a 4 inch pot.  Three plants are $11.  The 4th plant is $3.50.  Six plants are $20.  The seventh plant and any additional plants are $3.25 each.  A full flat of 18 plants is $54 or $3 per plant.  Sales tax is included in the price.

You can go to the following websites to learn more about these varieties of plants.  The letters behind the names indicate Seed Savers (ss) www.seedsavers.org, Johnny’s (j) www.johnnyseeds.com, Gourmet Seed International (gsi) www.gourmetseed.com, and Burpee www.burpee.com.

You are welcome to e-mail us a list of the plants you want, how many you want, and when and where you want to pick them up.  You can copy this page, mark it up, and email it to us.  Or you can simply send us an email and tell us what you’d like to order.  We’ll reply and confirm whether or not we can fill your entire order.

Heirloom Tomatoes

___ Amish Paste ss
Meaty fruits, good for sauce or fresh eating

___ Aunt Rubys German Green ss
Beefsteak fruit, refreshing flavor, green ripe, large over one pound

___ Beams Yellow Pear ss
Endless supply of 1 ½ inch pear tomatoes, ideal for salads

___ Black Cherry ss
Outstanding sharp tasting cherry with deep mahogany coloring

___ Black Krim ss
Purple red, turn almost black.  Full flavor.

___ Black Plumb ss
Black, roma type Russian tomato.  Excellent for richly colored spaghetti sauce.

___ Brandywine ss
One of the best tasting tomatoes, luscious flavor, large over one pound, deep pink skin and smooth red flesh

___ Cherokee Purple ss
Extremely sweet flavor, productive plants, dusty rose colored

___ Cherry Roma ss
Incredibly heavy set of one inch long plum shaped fruit.  Sweet spicy flavor.  Great fresh or dried.

___ Crnkovic Yugoslavian ss
Pink beefsteak.  Up to a pound each.  Rarely crack.  Full tomato flavor.

___ Czechs Bush ss
Good flavor, nice for containers and tight spaces, four to six ounce red fruit

___ Dr. Wyche’s Yellow ss
Heavy yields of 1 lb golden yellow tomatoes.  Meaty flesh and rich flavor.

___ Federle ss
Very few seeds, excellent for processing, especially for salsa

___ German Pink ss
Full sweet flavor.  Excellent for canning, freezing, and slicing.  1 to 2 lb beefsteak.

___ Gold Medal ss
Very little acid, very sweet, yellow streaked red

___ Great White j
Big yellow, white fruits with mild taste

___ Green Zebra ss
Green striped salad specialty, sweet zingy flavor

___ Hillbilly Potato Leaf ss
Sweet juicy one pound fruit, yellow streaked with red

___ Hungarian Heart ss
Huge ox heart, few seeds, fresh eating, canning, and for fresh roasted tomato sauce

___ Italian Heirloom ss
Excellent full tomato flavor, easy to peel, ideal for slicing and canning

___ Kellogg’s Breakfast ss
Beef steak type fruits from one to two pounds, juicy meaty and orange in color

___ Large Red Cherry ss
Favorite for canning whole, salads, and fresh eating

___ Lemon Drop ss
Pale yellow cherry.  Very sweet.  Back by popular demand.

___ Mexico Midget ss
Hundreds of round ½” fruits give an incredible flash of rich tomato flavor, great for salads.

___ Moonglow ss
Medium-sized bright orange fruits. Solid orange meat, few seeds and wonderful flavor.

___ Mortgage lifter ss
Deep pink beefsteak, sweet yet rich, moderate to high yield

___ Moskvich j
Early, deep red.  4 to 6 oz.  Cold tolerant.  Great tomato flavor.

___ Nyagous ss
Small size fruits, full flavor, very productive

___ Opalka ss
High volume 3” by 6” red paste tomatoes.  Few seeds, perfect for processing.

___ Paul Robeson ss
Dusky brick red fruits with dark green shoulders and red flesh; 6-12 ounces.

___ Plum Lemon ss
Meaty, sweet, refreshing flavor, great for salsa

___ Prudens Purple j
Early Brandywine type

___ Red Fig ss
Small pear shaped, great for fresh eating, also used dried

___ Red Zebra ss
Red overlaid with golden yellow striped, great sweet flavor, very productive

___ Riesentraube ss
Giant bunches of grapes.  Produces tasty fruits in clusters of 20-40.

___ Rose ss
Large meaty, rose colored fruit, great taste

___ Rutgers burpee
Jersey tomato, full flavor, for slicing and cooking.  Red fruits are slightly flattened.

___ Soldacki ss
Polish potato-leaf, large fruits, dense and meaty. Pinkish-red flat globes up to one pound.

___ Striped German j
Red and yellow.  Complex fruity flavor.  Smooth texture

___ Valencia j
Semi-orange fruit with full tomato flavor

___ White cherry ss
Early and productive pale yellow to ivory 1 ounce fruits. Sweet fruity flavor.

Non heirloom tomato
___ Sungold j
Orange cherry, intense fruity flavor

Bell Peppers

___ Green to red

___ Green to yellow

___ Purple Beauty, purple to red ss

___ Garden Sunshine, cream/orange to red ss

___Sweet chocolate bells, extra early, cold tolerant, chocolate colored j

Specialty peppers

Sweet peppers

___ Marconi ss
Italian roasting pepper.  8 inch long sweet pepper.

Hot peppers

___ Ancho ss
The standard Mexican variety for sauces and stuffing, poblanos when fresh, anchos when dried.

___ Hot Rod—Serrano j
This is a prolific serrano from Johny’s Seed Company.  It replaces Serrano del Sol.

___ Hungarian Hotwax j
Yellow, easy to peel after roast.  Hot but not overly hot.  Excellent flavor.

___ Jalapeno ss
Classic hot pepper 3 inches long, green to red.

___ Sweet Italian Basil Genovese ss
Classic large leaf Italian basil.  Variety of choice for pesto.

___ Italian flat leaf parsley ss

___Pingtong long
Long oriental purple egg plant.