We have so many people who have cheered us on and even come down to the farm to lend a hand. However, several people have given to the point of being our heroes. Here’s a few of them.

Diann is our dear friend and helper in so many ways. Most of the photos on the website are hers and she’s taken thousands of photos documenting our work in progress. She’s helped us at the farmers market all six years. She’s done almost every task on the farm except drive the tractor and ride the mules. We can’t count the number of cakes, cookie bars, and quick breads she’s baked for us. We deeply appreciate her support and friendship.

Linda and Kris are Pat’s ladies, helping him nearly every Friday morning prepare for the farmers market. They call it therapy. We call them lifesavers. While we’ve had many successes, the greatest blessings are the relationships that have grown up around Coyote Run Farm. The ladies not only bring lunch, they bring along their friends.

One of our favorite things to do is to eat a meal on the lawn with our family and friends. In this photo with Matt and Diann are some great friends. Thomas lends a hand all around the farm, but his unique contribution is building and maintaining our website. Mary and Nhyx always know when to show up with an entire meal ready to eat. After hosting 1300 people on the Farm Crawl and serving up 10 gallons of borscht, it’s great to walk into the kitchen to a full home cooked Italian meal. Mary and Nhyx are not only good for our tummies, they’re good for souls.

Matt’s sister-in-law Kathy jumped in with both feet in 2010 helping with the farming during the week and the market on Saturday. She even braved sleeping in the high rise (house lifted on four pillars during the basement project) and joined in the primitive living out of the garage. We think she’s caught the bug and will be growing some chemical free produce next year at the Russell Ranch where Matt grew up. She and her husband Todd have taken on the grain finished beef for Coyote Run Farm and Kathy continues to help at the Farmers Market.

Pat’s sisters Susie, Kaydee, and Bev have been a great help. Bev spent several years harvesting and weeding and Susie and Kaydee stepped in once the major construction was done to turn our house from a farm building into a home.