Mules We’ve Sold

Arnold (SOLD), john mule, 15 h. Thank you to the Bergers of Mule Creek Outfitting in Ankeny, Iowa who bought him in 2010.  They use him in their guided hunts for elk, mule deer, moose, antelope, mountain lion, and black bear in western Wyoming.  Go to their website here.  You can see a photo of Arnold on their Mules and Horses page.  Read an online article about their outfitting company here.  Arnold is the middle mule in the first photo.


Lucy sideLucy (SOLD), 14 h. Slim’s full sister.  Great trail riding mule. She loves attention and is old fashion mule smart. Not a mean bone in her body, but clever as they come. Lucy always wants to go. She’s a pony mule: stout enough to carry an adult, but perfect size for children. She’s a very solid trail mule who takes care of herself and her rider. A nice all around youth mule as she is easy to teach and as sound as they come.  Thanks to Chip in Overland Park, Kansas for purchasing Lucy in spring 2014.


Trixie-saddled2Trixie (SOLD).  Thank you to the Bergers of Mule Creek Outfitting for coming back for a second mule.  Go to their website here.  They bought Trixie’s full brother Arnold in 2010 and are enjoying his abilities in the mountains of Wyoming.  We’re confident Trixie will enjoy the work just as much and be a great mule on their hunts.